- How to avoid sticking to the ceiling rafters?

  It's a question of quality ventilation and closing holes.

- Is it possible to stretch the film tension with photo printing?

It is possible, the film is stretched by 7-9%, marble - 5%.

- Do you rank ceilings with trip 100 km from Kiev?

  Yes, it is established. Additional charge for petrol, accommodation and meals installers.

- When mount ceilings, before or after wallpapering?


- Regular customers have a sale?

   Of course there is.

- Tension ceilings depends on the width of the printer?

   The width of the printer 3.1 cm, can be stapled canvas.

- Where should I install LED Backlight, above or below the ceiling?

  For translucent film - it is necessary, for the rest of ceilings - the ceiling.

- Do you have fabric ceilings?

   There, clips and Deskor.

- Is it possible to own a suspended ceiling without experience robots?

   No, you need special tools for installation.

- What film is suitable for a bathroom?

   Varnish (gloss).


- Harmful if ceilings?

   It depends on the origin of pvc films, European films are of better quality.

- Do you have a suspended ceiling with sound insulation?

   Suspended ceiling does not sound isolation, you need to buy more proofers.

- What you have certificates of quality products?

   See all the certificates on our website http://demi-lune.ua/ru/features/sertifikaty/

- Do I have to use a heat gun for installation?

  Be sure when installing the temperature in the apartment about 40 degrees Celsius, remove pets for security.

- What is the installation of ceiling better or harpoon harpoon ???

  Harpoon, it is more reliable.

- Do I need to leave the reserve when installing tile profile?

  Report to the tile to the top.

- You can make a seamless suspended ceiling with a width of 3.51?

  It is possible, the maximum width of 5 meters + 5.7% film tension.

- Tell me, if in fact the footage is 12m.kv., how much material I need?

  Utochnyayt manager, we will calculate the usable area.

- What materials have the maximum effect of reflection?

   Lacquer film.

- At what stage of repair of an apartment must be ordered ceiling, what training facilities needed?

   After the end of the finishing work - order.

- Does the palette of films for stretch ceilings are represented at our real colors?

    Does not match, monitors display colors very differently.

- Do you have a Belgian ceilings?

   Belgian stretch ceiling does not exist, it is a myth.

- Do I need to prepare a framework for the oval ceiling?

   Yes, you need to prepare a framework of drywall.

- Company demi-lune srl your representative?

  The company now uses our brand is illegal! Company until 2005 was our dealer.