Variants of suspended ceilings for your home

Stretch ceiling is not a problem, they have become extremely popular on the market today, and all at the expense of practicality and design of a wide variety. So, how does one create a special suspended ceiling? There are several methods.

Photo printing on stretch ceilings

The first and most accessible way - it's print or art print. At the request of the customer on the web can be put any image that you will be good to see. You can also vary the design with sloping ceilings. Due to secure the web can be placed at any angle, which adds originality to your room.

Complex shapes and designs

Well, if you're willing to take radical measures to change your ceiling, you can do so by making the ceiling forms of "waves." There are special fasteners, with which you can create a ripple surface.

Heaven with lights, a starry sky

There is a way of original features stretch ceiling due to the play of light . There are many models of translucent fabric. With proper light fabric can achieve the effect of the window directly in the ceiling. Or you can create the whole picture by light vehicles . Fiber optic cable will help in the implementation of this idea. And, of course , everyone wanted to have around a piece of the sky . Yes, yes , and it is now possible . The technology allows you to create the effect of transfusion and flickering light. On your ceiling will be almost real Milky Way . Although it is the most expensive option , but at the same time and the most beautiful.

Arches and cones

Not everyone likes a boring one-level ceilings, many people want to add zest to your room design. Ceiling which can impart desired shape, for example, it may be arch. Made in this way creates a domed ceiling coving. "Dune" or cone will help to create space in the Art Nouveau style. And in the right light you can create an image of the crater of the volcano. Cone helps in smooth transition from the ceiling, for example, to columns or other elements of the interior. The term 3D - ceilings accurately reflects similar designs.

Multi-level design ceiling systems

Another way to change the room through the ceiling - do multi-level ceiling. This solution helps to visually divide the room into zones. Different colors, textures and even shapes are the perfect accompaniment. The most popular use of such a decision - this version of "step" when the ceiling design is made like a ladder. This solution is also convenient due to the fact that you can combine PVC fabric with different textures and shapes. Buy ceilings can be in Kiev of Demi-Lune Street. Metalistiv 12 A and in Kiev.