Variants of using suspended ceilings in the interior

Stretch ceilings became a new word in the world of finishing materials. They meet all the requirements can be used in residential and office buildings have a lot of options and offer excellent opportunities for the designer.

The appearance of stretch ceilings in Ukraine happened around the beginning of the 2000s, but the real popularity came to him later. However, now is not to find someone who had not seen them in the apartment.


The use of suspended ceilings is possible in different interiors. You can select a ceiling for conservative style, there are options and classic interiors, interiors progressive manner. They can be used for interior and high-tech or artdeco. Ceilings can be glossy, reflective, matt or fabric. Glossy reflection due to visually extend the room.


Using French stretch ceiling is justified not only for living quarters. Solutions using these decorative materials can be found in restaurants, shopping halls, swimming pools, hospitals, industrial buildings.


Cloth (PVC film) does not let the dust that will keep the plaster and deliver us from the crumbling whitewash. Moisture also is not afraid of a stretch ceiling, so its value in the pools.


For the same reason the suspended ceiling is well suited for the bathroom, the catering department, laboratory. For premises such processing will be even and safety net against flooding from the top, as the canvas maintains a large amount of water.


Photos of suspended ceilings can see in the gallery, where collected a lot of interesting design decisions with glossy and matte PVC film. There are not only simple installation options, but the whole structure of different materials and fabrics of different textures. The use of different colors is more common.


No less interesting is familiarize yourself with the photo and art print on canvases stretch ceiling. For those interested in complex structures can recommend photos with curvilinear designs, combines engineering solutions for soldering different fabrics, design decisions on the selection of different colors, textures and materials.


With stretch ceilings can come up with interesting solutions to lighting, using lights and lamps Swarowski. Starry sky achieved expense contrast dark glossy film and small lamps that are arranged in a certain "star" order.