Installation of suspended ceilings

Before installing the ceiling stretched canvases mandatory warmed by gas heat gun, and the entire surface of the fabric must be warmed uniformly at a constant temperature. There are times when due to violation of installation technology ceiling fabric, welded seams are uneven. In this situation, they can straighten the curvature of the heating zone.

It must be borne in mind that it is possible offset holes in the fabric made ​​for fixtures or equipment rack. This happens under the influence of unwanted heat from the blade close to heat sources such as radiators or electric furnace.

In order to ensure uniform heating of the blade before its installation must also be heated the room itself, and only then the very fabric. Quality of installation it increases, and the work itself much easier.

During operation, the gas cylinder must not affect the flow of warm air. Draft also need to be addressed, especially if the installation is going on in the room with a large area.

Heat guns, directing the flow of air to the canvas should occupy such a position where the entire area of ​​the web will warm uniformly.

When installing the ceiling on its surface may be stained with sweat and dirt. Therefore, workers hands are clean. With strong sweating, workers must be in possession of a towel or T-shirt with long sleeves, gloves and caps. Working establishing suede or black glossy ceilings shall from time to time to wash their hands. If, however, on the surface of the ceiling paintings formed spots, then it should be cleaned with the help of artificial leather.

At the factory, each finished painting the ceiling is composed according to certain rules. Together with the web should be drawing by which it was manufactured. The angle which the first is fastened to the ceiling, is indicated in this figure. All fabric shall be marked with the number series. If you need urgent production of the same fabric, then the company are stored in the archive drawings of all previously sold paintings.