The most versatile material considered suspended ceiling, it connects and ease of installation, durability, and a huge variety of texture and color, such ceilings are very popular, because they are long. Firms for the production of a lot and need to know which firm acceptable and the price and quality of the web.

   The very first country to manufacture blades for suspended ceilings France was characterized by high quality, environmentally friendly material composition and practicality. All these qualities include in the price, web width is not large only two meters. Today, French ceilings can be found at the company called CTN, Draka. French ceilings is considered to be the reference.
   The next country producer is considered to be Germany, the quality of competition in France, but is not called the reference product. The company produces the largest web width up to three meters, this width is used only in a matt structure, gloss has a standard width in the construction market in Germany can be seen in such titles: Renolit, Pongs.

   Excellent suppliers are Italian companies are chic expensive fabric appearance, excellent quality, manufacturers are not so much on the market you can find a company Malpensa. The Belgian company manufactures high-level painting, they pass all the stages of testing, only then they are released to the masses, they are ideal canvases, width of such products is about four meters, they are well stretched, so the installation can reach a maximum length of 4.5 m. There is information in the network that the Belgian ceilings are made in China, but the data need to be checked.

 Chinese paintings are in great demand, as the price is good, the web has a nice appearance, and it can create competition in the market supply and demand. Among other things, the canvas can be stretched up to 5.5 meters in width. There are nuances - the smell that stays in the room after the installation of paintings from China.

   Russian companies should borrow from foreign experience, unfortunately, the quality of the canvas is different, and buy it only for budgetary purposes, but the color palette of a variety.

   Choose a company is not difficult importantly, what would the price and quality are right for you and your wallet still worth a closer look at the French and German manufacturers, they have taken care of the price and the quality of the canvas.