Due to the large number of positive reviews, ceilings are gaining increasing popularity among people who want to give your home an original design. A very important point during the repair and installation of stretch ceiling is the installation of fixtures, which allow a wide range of accommodation to make your unique.

Web material and construction of suspended ceilings are designed for installation of non-standard lighting, so anyone can give free rein to their imagination. But do not forget that the overheating of the cloth, is likely to lead to the deformation of a stretch ceiling, are not immune from the ceilings of any quality. Therefore, before you install the lamps should turn to professionals. Such services are provided by Demi Lune, which is not the first time a leader in the sale and installation of suspended ceilings.

There are three types of fixtures for ceilings: overhead, recessed and suspended.
Hanging lamps - cling on hooks, which are set at the beginning of the installation of stretch ceiling. Hook size depends on the indentation of a stretch ceiling during installation.

Recessed and overhead lights are mounted on a base with a let mortgages electricity, which was originally fixed on the ceiling. First pasted special rings that enhance the base, then the ceiling in the film makes a hole for themselves fixtures. For overhead lighting acquire energy-saving lamps, which can prevent the heating of the ceiling paintings. Also, these lamps are economical. Optionally, you can set the lighting halogen lamps, but power must not exceed 35 watts, or at the point where the lamp and ceiling may start melting the fabric.

There is an alternative option - LED lamp low power. They are durable, energy efficient and have a low heating temperature. Lack of LED lamps - the high price, but it matches the quality.

When choosing lamps for lighting only pay attention to those that are specifically designed for suspended ceiling systems.