How much are the satin ceilings with installation?

Installation stretch ceiling takes a little time, good people can do it in just a few hours, after making all the measurements and calculations. Installing a ceiling, you can use all his creative imagination. Especially effectively looks satin film with different lighting and the use of spotlights. This combination allows you to create a variety of light patterns and patterns. With the help of lighting can be to focus on a certain area of the interior. Selecting a chandelier for the satin stretch ceiling is better to make in favor of one in which there are more lights and decor elements. The more, the more interesting it will light a special effect.


Satin fabric ceiling perfectly smooth and very strong, and a guarantee of longevity. It is treated with a special complex structure, to protect the surface of the attraction of dust and dirt. And this is an important advantage of the ceiling. Satin ceiling needs only a few times a year wiping with a dry cloth. Do not use a sponge because you can leave unsightly stains on the surface. It is better not to use conventional cleaners to avoid damaging the coating.

Of color preferences in demand: white, bright colors, shades of green, blue, beige, ivory. Fashionable trend now - orange color of the ceiling. Satin material is suitable not only for premises, he miraculously fit into the interior offices. Its classic look, he will emphasize the solidity and reliability of the company.


In terms of cost, ceilings coated satin are in the category of best finishing materials, although they have high functionality and advantages over other PVC canvases.


The price ceiling is included sheer cloth, measurements of the front work, the complexity of the design and shape of the ceiling. It also includes features and lighting systems (the number of fixtures, the complexity of the installation). If you order a multi-level form of the ceiling, the approximate price can be determined at the end of design and drawing work, with all the features of the design.

Only a specialist at the exit of the house and the immediate inspection of the premises, can give an exact answer about the cost of the work, after discussing all the wishes of the client. Also on the price index strongly influences the choice of the manufacturer of PVC film. The best are satin ceiling, made ​​in Switzerland, France and Germany. Company Demi-Lune traditionally ideal vyolnyaet installation and service work, offers an interesting promotion for their customers.

Satin stretch ceiling - the best choice is a fundamental classic with an intriguing twist. In the section "Prices" you will find a detailed price list for all services of our specialists.