Useful tips on how to choose a ceiling for your apartment

If the repair of your ceiling you are not going to invest a lot of money, the suspended ceiling is the ideal option to hide all the irregularities of concrete slabs. If you want to keep the traditional look of your ceiling, you can choose a matte satin PVC film or canvas.

Light colors are usually used for areas in which people live. Glossy ceilings visually expand the space, increasing the height, they are usually installed in apartments with low ceilings. Especially good they look in a residential area.

suspended ceiling Demi moon in the kitchen
Kitchen and bathroom the best option of a stretch ceiling - matt PVC film which is easy to wash, for perforated or patent in this case does not fit. By the way, the suspended ceiling is especially suitable for this type of space, because the PVC indifferent humidity and there is no accumulation of condensate.


If your kitchen or bathroom is filled with neighbors above, the ceiling will not be damaged and there will be no traces left on it. Furthermore, each 1 m2 of the ceiling can withstand up to 100 liters of water for 7 days. The ceiling should not penetrate. If this happens, it is necessary to seek help from experts in the company Demi-Lune, who promptly remove all the water.