Ceilings "Starry Sky"

Installation of stretch ceiling is one way of giving elegant style to your interior without spending too much money and without exerting too much effort.

Range of textures, colors and extremely wide and offers almost limitless possibilities. Properly recessed lighting creates fascinating effekty.Natyazhnoy ceiling can consist of several levels, volumetric 3D and curved elements. If you are bored with the color, you can make a wonderful lighting or set the "starry sky".

ceilings starry sky
One of the most popular modern methods to spice up the interior is the so-called effect of "starry sky".

- Optical fibers are stretched at 10 cm from the dark glossy ceiling, creating the impression of thin luminous rays.

suspended ceiling starry sky
- Amazing refraction of light in the "starry sky" is achieved by using a combination of optical fibers with crystal diffusers. Last attached to the ends of the fibers on the visible side of the canvas and adds the amount of "stars" in connection with a feature glass cutting.