All about French tension ceilings in Ukraine

Just a few years joined the Ukrainian construction market many unknown producers and sellers of tension systems. Information about these manufacturers can be seen on the walls and on the pillars where pasted leaflets such as "cheap ceilings." Any call to a "company" will hear the following "our quality is no different from other products, but we have it cheaper." In this article we will talk about what is really silent these sellers, the price of this kind of goods and all the nuances that are not noticed immediately.

When choosing a building material, everyone is trying to find a particular compromise made ​​between quality and price.

For example, choosing the front door or flooring, you can always choose the products of the respective price segment. Has always been and will be that the reliability, quality and durability will cost a bit more. And stretch of time could be considered as it is here.

Basic nuances that affect the final cost of the tension systems:

PVC film for suspended ceilings.

Relatively cheap ceilings are made of poor quality cheap film.

Manufacturers of low-cost systems are trying to save money on everything


therefore in their production can often find cheap film that comes from the east. Usually, buying a cheap film producers of the CIS market. In the West, such material is not supplied on the basis of a number of reasons, most of them - do not meet environmental standards. By purchasing this product you need to realize that in the coming years you will breathe all gases that evaporate such poor quality film.

China has launched production of the film in Europe, but it costs a lot more, because the quality will always be appreciated.

Known company Demi-Lune produces tension system consists of materials which in turn deliver such large firms in Europe, as Alkor Draka, Pongs, Renolit.


Produced materials obtained certification of the European Union, so the environmental and quality of the product is guaranteed. Thus, the French firm Barrisol quite a long time produces tension system of materials from Renolit.


On the production of suspended ceilings


The whole procedure of manufacturing stretch ceiling consists of several stages of production - cutters, welding joints, welding and packing harpoon. Product to receive a qualitative need to have a large room, good equipment and, most importantly, skilled workers. Most unnamed firms that create poor quality cheap products, save on these principles, replacing all the usual garage and several workers.


Office, of course, such companies do not have at all.

Look to the right in the picture sample poor installation of suspended ceilings, made shabashniki. Work only with professionals - our useful advice.

Demi-Lune has long dominated the Ukrainian market tension systems. During its existence, the system of this company have been installed in many public and residential buildings. Quality of our company is not inferior to that produced European companies, as we correctly observe the entire production process.

Installation stretch ceiling

About half of the ceiling depends on the quality of its installation. The quality of the employee's installation - more of his practice. Often you can find a simple builder who undertakes the installation of a tension system without the skills. The main purpose of such workers - extra income. The result is poor-quality installation system. There are moments when our company treated people with a request to change the ceiling, since their installation was not correct, that is not a qualified worker. Installation of these systems is made using gas equipment, so in this case is more to be trusted professionals, because of any oversights can occur irreparable consequences.


Our company employs installers tensioning systems with extensive experience. Moreover they have to work with the validation mentioned earlier equipment.

Product Warranty

As has been said, on the market today a huge number of clandestine companies. If you carefully consider any of them, then you may find that they have a simple page on the internet and phone for communication. These data are such companies are usually limited. Therefore, there is a huge possibility that a couple of months after the installation of ceilings with him big trouble, however, reach, and even more so to find such a company will not be possible.

The warranty on our products is 12 years old and, in addition, each product is individually certified.

As a result, it is worth noting that by buying cheap ceiling, do not try to get high-quality tension system, because the price will match the content.

We hope that this information will be useful to you and help repair.