Suspended ceilings in Kiev and Ukrainian cities

Finishing and decorating the ceiling always paid a lot of attention. The ceiling is decorated by painted, decorated with stucco and various types of mosaic masterpieces. Many years later, the world's canons of beauty have remained the same, except for the range of finishes.

Now there is a practical and unique way to add flavor to the interior - is the use of suspended ceilings. This method is very popular and in great demand today.


The idea of suspended ceilings was born back in the 60s, but the greatest development of the use of this type of finishing ceilings happened in the late 80s in Europe.

The use of suspended ceilings will not soon go out of fashion and will always be the leader among any other decorative art.

Almost everyone wants to buy suspended ceiling, because it allows the price, do not hesitate to do it.
Today it is one of the most important objects of the interior, to create a unique atmosphere, a sense of comfort and coziness.

Also ceilings bypass all other methods of decoration of the ceiling, thanks to high-quality features and functionality to transform the premises for a minimum period. They can be executed in a different color scheme. With a high level of reliability and practicality, ceilings provide security while maintaining their properties at all times during operation.

Over time, these finishing materials have become very popular in Ukraine, despite the fact that they originally appeared in France. Consequently, the tension began to decorate ceilings houses and premises for offices, restaurants, beauty salons and even banks. Such processing is indispensable in any home.

The main advantages of the materials


Advantages of suspended ceilings, considerable, we list some of them:

• With the help of a stretch ceiling can demolish any uneven or rough surface of the original ceiling, cracked plaster can protect from fraying.

• Stretch ceiling will help to disguise under a gas pipe and water supply systems, electrical wiring, or communicative.
• This ceiling is resistant to moisture, grease and grime, so it can serve as a universal method of decoration for any room.
• To stretch ceiling flood water under pressure of more than 100 liters is not a problem! Security and confidence in the stability of the ceiling you provided!

Where to buy ceiling Demi-Lune in Kiev and cities of Ukraine?


Speaking in the capital - everything is easy, outlets of Demi-Lune are all building hypermarkets "Epicenter" and in the central office at Shulyavka (ul.Metallistov 12-a). Detailed address, map and phone companies are registered under the heading "Contact Us."

Buy in Ukraine ceilings can have regional dealers, whose addresses can be specified at the numbers listed on the contact page.