Customer reviews of stretch ceilings Demi-Lune

1 Stretch ceilings in our house for three years. No disadvantages have not noticed, all very nice and neatly done, nothing has fallen off! About twice a year, wipe with a cloth to dust and all. So I strongly advise.

2 Yesterday established ceilings and immediately decided to share. In the children's plush cartoon drawings, the child pleased. The bedroom has decided to hang the mat. Beauty.

3 We have a cafe already 5 years worth suspended ceiling. Especially nice in the evenings, when switched on the overhead light. Discuss with her husband the opportunity to purchase in our new apartment.

4 We are anxious to finish repairing the apartment, because they are tired of it very much. Welcome to Company Demi Lune, the same day came measurer, and the next day we brought and installed ceiling. Worked very quickly. Now admire.

5 And we ordered lacquered ceiling in the living room and it light Swarovski, cheap happened, of course, but it looks very impressive and expensive.

6 First, they wanted to install plasterboard ceiling, but then read the reviews and thought the amount. Decided to order matte white ceiling. Came out a little cheaper even.

7 We had the whole family meeting on the suspended ceilings. Could not choose the color and material. When we decided to have caused the boys, they all froze, established very quickly. First was a slight odor, but quickly eroded. In short, this is a very good buy for those who do not want to spend a lot of time to repair the ceiling and care.

8 Last week established ceilings in our living room. Guys came a day earlier than agreed, the material is immediately evident that quality, special thanks measurer for assistance in selecting colors.

9 My friend bought ceilings with Demi Lune, after just a couple of months, it flooded the neighbors above. Ceilings chic, all survived, nowhere did not even burst. Now she think about how to install suspended ceilings in his apartment.

10 Downloads apartment in an old house. State of repair is poor. The ceiling in the cracks, it makes no sense to whiten. Decided to splurge and buy the suspended ceiling. We were very pleased, it is perfectly smooth. A big plus for giving a guarantee on it.

11 We have a large block of private house, you know, is not particularly smooth ceilings. Going to do major repairs, but what to do with the ceiling is not decided. Looking for different ways to align the ceiling, nothing intelligent was not found. Had to order the suspended ceiling, although I was upset at the price. But generally overlooked, is not as expensive as I thought, but in view of all fiction.