Matt stretch ceiling for your apartment

Today, with the phrase "ceilings" arises from the association with a glossy smooth surface. But why? Initially, because ceilings were frosted. First of all, matte ceilings are made of PVC-based film with a special heat-shrinkable material which resembles the texture fabric.

On technological properties of matte ceilings, not inferior to glossy film stretch ceiling. Like all stretched canvas mounted just a couple of hours. This creates a perfectly smooth surface with a wide color spectrum. Matte canvas is made from a large width, allowing you to set ceilings without seams. Directly to the frame of the film is set in a special harpoon that after inserted into the mounting profile in this area. If you compare white matt stretch ceiling with painted ceiling, then you will not find a speck of paint and divorces. And the film does not crack even under extremes of temperature.

Ideal for classical interior will be impeccably smooth matt stretch ceiling. If the main ceiling in the room is poor, there is no place to hide the electrical wiring, the ideal matt stretch ceiling will help you solve all the problems. Plaster ceilings - a relic of the past. Modern ceilings incredibly fast to install, do not need a heat gun, not dirt and dust, which can be installed in the room, unable to endure the furniture. Service life guarantees more than 12 years of excellent quality, perfect aesthetics. You will not face the fact that mat ceiling crack after many years.


Matt stretch ceiling will be a real boon for registration hidden illumination. As a highly reflective glossy surface and matte will not blikovat. And so, a uniform soft light that is necessary for the proper situation in the interior.

Besides all this, it is ideally applied with artistic image. This opportunity is not for everyone, as you will be able to design a unique design of your ceiling.


If you think that the suspended ceiling is very expensive, something brushed against - you're wrong. Installation of such coverage is available for a short time at low cost. However, this will not affect the excellent quality and long service life.

The cost of this material, refer to the section "Prices"