Glossy French ceilings in Kiev

Just five years ago, French ceilings were a luxury and all divom unknown. And now they have taken a worthy place in a variety of houses and apartments. No wonder - it found both in home interiors, and public buildings. Such great popularity ceilings deserve because of their incredible positive qualities: strength, durability, water resistance, fire protection, as well as a luxurious aesthetic. A great variety of textures and texture suggests diversity in the design of your interior. The very glossy surface creates unsurpassed style, freshness and character to the room

Universal polyvinylchloride canvas is divided mainly in glossy and matte, as well as fabric. Specific differences between gloss and matte not, mirror films are made entirely of PVC. Therefore, the composition affects the smoothness and shine of a glossy surface that mirrors all of the items.


Matt ceilings are made of PVC or polyester fabrics impregnated with polyurethane. Appearance resemble glossy, but taut not all mirrors on its surface.


Excellent gloss ceilings are ideal in a modern style interior, where reigns bold uninhibited design. This kind of pvc fabric visually expands the space, but also enhances the brightness of the lighting. If mounted glossy stretch ceiling in a room with high ceilings, you get the effect of the second floor. Such an unusual decoration of the ceiling will be noticeable in the finished interior accent, or set the tone for the whole room. Today may be applied art drawings and photos on glossy ceilings. However, for such an unusual classical interior decoration seem superfluous in harmony style.


Please note that the installation can not avoid connecting joints, but thanks to modern technology they can retouch. If you prefer a glossy ceilings, they should apply only to a warm environment, because due to the temperature difference they can crack.


However, they are not afraid of humidity and fungus, glossy ceilings save you from leaking pipes. Therefore, they can be used in bathrooms or humid. Another positive feature is fusibility at high temperatures. Incredibly fast and quality installation will take about 4 hours. A suspended ceiling will serve at least twenty years. And it can be easily assembled and dismantled if necessary.