French ceilings for bathroom

The most important place in the house or apartment - this bathroom. But even with a powerful ventilation system in the bathroom will always be condensation. Thus, the choice of starting the stretch ceiling for the bathroom, you should pay attention to the quality of their production and resistance to moisture.

For showers and bathrooms are best suited ceilings made ​​of PVC film, which is not afraid of moisture, as it is durable, resistant to high loads. PVC film, which is used in the stretch ceiling strong to such an extent that it is able to delay the water that flows from the neighbors on. For rooms with high humidity suspended ceiling cloth should not be used.

We present you some useful facts about the ceilings, making them very functional for the bathroom:

- Installation of suspended ceilings only takes a few hours, dust and excessive noise;

- This material is characterized by a great strength. Manufacturers can usually give 10-year warranty;

- Can fit perfectly into the interior of any room. Glossy finish ceiling recommend even for the small size of the bathroom, as it will create a mirror effect, as well as from the optical point of view, to increase space;

- The suspended ceiling is almost able to prevent the possibility of leakage from the neighbors. The material is able to withstand the pressure of 100 l. of water per 1 m2;

- Surface tension ceiling is not terrible effects of microorganisms, it will not collect on the Statement of mold and mildew;

- Due to the fact that the ceiling has a low thermal conductivity at the surface is not going to condensate;

- The richest of options different design of the stretch ceiling with the transition to the next level;

- Suspended ceiling arch type will help the implementation of the bathroom walls of a smooth transition to the ceiling;

- The suspended ceiling of the "dune" gives the room an original look that can be achieved due to its three-dimensional solid shapes that visually resembles a mountain;

- Suspended ceiling corrugated type is one of the most beautiful stretch ceilings in shape. Thus, the design of the stretch ceiling will always be individual and unique. It is a realistic option given the opportunity to print on a variety of stretch ceilings and picture composition.