Drywall construction and French stretch ceiling - the best solution

The main type of finishing the ceiling is now considered suspended structure of the drywall and the so-called suspended ceiling inside the exclusive designer form. However, recently becoming popular and ceiling of PVC, which is installed on the same technology. For them it is possible to hide communication, including built-in light - and this in addition to the other advantages.

suspended ceiling in the kitchen

On installation

Mounting tension ceiling PVC film will not take a lot of time, easy to install and nearly wasteless. Let's examine this process.

1 First, the perimeter of the ceiling is plasterboard box - very tight structures will be placed in it.

2 Along the perimeter of the box is stuffed so-called baguette or guides of aluminum. On the ceiling is fixed to the lamp base.

3 Depending on the style, you can make the ceiling is not solid, and broken into colored sections.

4 On the perimeter of these sections can be closed ceiling design strips for decoration.

suspended ceiling in the kitchen

Features tension film

Stretch ceilings are installed in the kitchen pretty quickly.

The design can be changed or added depending on the lighting in the ceiling. One of the major advantages of such a ceiling - durability and resistance to moisture. Even with a serious flood on top of it enough to dry. It is easy to maintain, practical and environmentally friendly.

Caring for the film

ceilings in the kitchen in Kiev
At present, popular also enjoy special polishes. These are different chemicals, suitable for the care of stretch ceilings. Acquire such polishes you can at the hardware store, or in stores, in the department of household chemicals.

How to clean?

Almost all the funds intended for the care of recessed ceiling, in their composition contain alcohol. It is necessary, on the surface of the ceiling does not appear unnecessary divorces, spoiling the view of the ceiling.

Do not forget that washing the ceilings should be implemented very carefully. Strive not and do not press on the panel, otherwise you may damage the glossy surface of the ceiling. You also need to watch closely to film-blade did not touch solid objects.


What to do in case of damage?

If the surface of the ceiling there was a dent or scratch, tape it a piece of film or tape. If the scratch is big, better to call a specialist.

Note that the membrane fabric capriciously or low temperature. In particular, it does not tolerate cold. Upon reaching the room temperature - 5 film-web may crack and require replacement.