Seamless ceilings and their features

As the saying goes, "there is no limit to perfection," the world is now being actively developed, including "the world of finishing materials." Introducing new design moves and new technologies. In order to maximize the interior looked organically - are all sorts of solutions for apartments, offices and shopping centers. One of the leaders of the industry are the ceilings. Yes, yes, you're right, because they first catch your eye when you enter the room, and ceilings are gaining increasing popularity among consumers. Among them are in great demand ceilings made ​​of material such as PVC film, they are assembled after heating the room. By their structure, they comprise several webs connected to each other joints as well, there are so-called seamless ceilings, which can be wide, 3.4 or 5 m.

One of the brightest representatives of Ukrainian seamless ceiling is a trademark of Demi-Lune. Our brand already gained huge popularity thanks to such qualities as strength and reliability. Our ceilings can compete with any brand name the world, and in no way be inferior competitors, moreover, they are allocated a special submission of the invoice, as well as a kind of charm.


These ceilings after installation take the form of a stationary surface after whitewash (if the film is matte), there are two colors, or even several.

With regard to the installation, the process takes place in two stages, first on the perimeter walls attached "baguette", and then using a special cord is stretched PVC film.

When the ceiling will get the desired shape, you can cut pieces of fabric sticking out. As a result, you get a perfect surface that hides the slightest flaws. Besides brand Demi-Lune will allow you to equip your ceiling lighting fixtures without any restrictions on the power.

By its parameters paintings are 3 and 5 meters, so if you have a small little room with one cloth can cover the entire ceiling with absolutely no seams. Besides brand Demi-Lune is a quality brand, for good reason a manufacturer warranty for as long as 12 years of service!